Ms Edwick Kaupa, secondary school

Hygiene clubs were launched by the National Department of Education (NDoE) in NCD schools as a proactive response to the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. The key objectives of establishing a hygiene club is to offer school children opportunities to raise their awareness about healthy behaviours and develop skills related to use of water, hygiene, and sanitation behaviours through creative, fun, and practical activities. The hygiene club can support them to become agents of change in health, including hygiene and sanitation, in their families and communities.

Along with the launched of school hygiene clubs by NDoE, is the launched of Anglicare PNG's WaSH program at different schools. WaSH basically stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and WinS is WaSH in School. The WaSH program is now adopted and run at Butuka Academy, thanks to the Butuka Academy Hygiene Club who is taking the lead in implementing it.


The Butuka Academy Hygiene Club is headed by Mrs Helen Papua as Chairperson, Ms Lilien Hamena as Vice-Chairperson with Mrs Rosemary Hahepa and Mr Jeremy Ponuk as the Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. At present, the club is made up of 14 teachers and 32 students from the three sectors of the school. The membership continues to grow as the club recruits more members and as the activities are rolled out.


The members of the hygiene club are placed into 5 different WaSH committees. The Water committee, the Sanitation committee, the Hygiene committee, the Grounds/Beautification committee, and the Fundraising committee. The first fundraising was led by the Hygiene committee in which students and teachers from all three sectors of the school were asked to donate a bar of soap, a toilet tissue and 20toea each. The club will use the donations like soaps and toilet tissues for the students’ rest rooms. The money will be used to purchase plastic bags and wheelie bins for rubbish collections in the school.


The hygiene club meets regularly to plan their various WaSH activities such as observance of the World Water Day, Menstrual Hygiene Management Day, Global Hand Washing Day, and World Toilet Day.

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